Instant Business Network for International Professionals

International professionals now have access to an instant business network in Copenhagen.


For international professionals, networking is crucial. It can help you deliver faster – while making you feel at home, among professionals meeting similar challenges.


Winning Team has created a limited number of exclusive networking groups with this specific aim in sight. Each group has a maximum of 10-12 participants, consisting of professionals with similar backgrounds and experiences, coming from a variety of business sectors, and all aiming at staying for 3+ years in Denmark. The networking group will consist of expats, repats and danes with an international business background.


All participants with to develop their business acumen in a confidential setting and building up their personal network. Participants are driven by a wish to engage actively and with an appetite of curiosity for mutual inspiration and learning.


The International Network will be closely aligned with Winning Team’s other professional networking teams, giving members of the Instant Business Network a unique gateway to the heart of Danish business. 


  • Frequency: Six sessions pr. year (two of which include dinner).

  • Length: Three hours (+ dinner)

  • Content: Team based training, sparring and discussions

  • Themes: Business culture-change, strategy, digitalization, internal networking, etc.

  • Network facilitator: Experienced and dedicated facilitator with an international profile

  • Meetings will take place at relevant sites in Copenhagen

The package further includes:

  • Two sparring sessions with professional coach (75 minutes each), to ensure mutual calibration and personal development

  • Two yearly meetings with all WT-teams – with business content.

  • TED-talk-style events (some will be conducted in Danish)

  • 10+ networking events at the Winning Team premises for all WT-connections and network participants


  • Two INSEAD/IMD Master Classes (DKK 5,000,- per master class)

Your investment:

  • Hours each year: 24 hours of active participation

  • Price: DKK 25,000 (not including INSEAD/IMD Master Class)